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2000 Class 2A Football Playoffs


Division I

Region I:

Sonora over Big Lake Reagan County 41-6

Idalou over Colorado City 35-0

Friona over Stinnett West Texas 55-14

Olney over Holliday 28-7

Region II:

Comanche over Coleman 21-3

Pilot Point over Jacksboro 19-6

Farmersville over Howe 20-17

Godley over Clifton 14-13

Region III:

Elysian Fields over DeKalb 23-0

Arp over Big Sandy 24-0

Centerville over Trinity

San Augustine over Hardin

Region IV:

Blanco over Hutto 34-7

Brookshire-Royal over Van Vleck 32-20

Poth over Universal City Randolph 46-19

Karnes City over Freer 30-7

Division II

Region I:

Ozona over Mason 13-12

Spearman over Abernathy 27-6

Hamlin over Quanah 27-6

Eldorado over McCamey 30-6

New Deal over Coahoma 29-6

Canadian over Lockney 44-14

Albany over Memphis 35-6

Region II:

Hico over Bangs 14-0

Henrietta over Aubrey 23-8

Whitewright over Honey Grove

Grandview over Hubbard 28-24

Goldthwaite over Winters 21-7

Celina over Boyd 38-0

Cooper over Gunter 30-7

Rio Vista over Italy 17-0

Region III:

Omaha Paul Pewitt over New Diana

Lone Oak over Alto 28-25

Mart over New Waverly 59-0

Hemphill over Hull-Daisetta 32-15

New London West Rusk over Prairieland 26-7

Troup over Como-Picton 15-14

Corrigan-Camden over Jewett Leon 14-7

Garrison over Winnie East Chambers 32-19

Region IV:

Jarrell over Johnson City 41-6

Wallis Brazos over Louise 30-14

Nixon-Smiley over Brackett 33-6

Refugio over Skidmore-Tynan 58-0

Rogers over Comfort 48-30

Ganado over East Bernard 7-0

Three Rivers over Navarro 14-0

Banquete over Yorktown 28-7


Division I

Region I:

Sonora over Idalou

Olney over Friona 27-9

Region II:

Pilot Point over Comanche 13-0

Farmersville over Godley 45-14

Region III:

Arp over Elysian Fields 26-8

San Augustine over Centerville

Region IV:

Blanco over Brookshire-Royal 56-0-

Poth over Karnes City

Division II

Region I:

Stanton over Ozona 40-18

Hamlin over Spearman

New Deal over Eldorado 20-7

Albany over Canadian 34-27

Region II:

Hico over Henrietta 3-0

Whitewright over Grandview

Celina over Goldthwaite 38-7

Cooper over Rio Vista 28-17

Region III:

Lone Oak over Omaha/Naples Paul Pewitt 45-0

Mart over Hemphill 56-12

Troup over New London West Rusk 26-8

Corrigan-Camden over Garrison 20-0

Region IV:

Jarrell over Wallis Brazos 16-12

Refugio over Nixon-Smiley 35-6

Rogers over Ganado 20-6

Three Rivers over Banquete 21-13


Division 1

Sonora over Olney 35-21

Pilot Point over Farmersville 28-14

Arp over San Augustine 9-3 (OT)

Blanco over Poth

Division 2

Region 1

Stanton over Hamlin 40-18

Albany over Colorado City

Region 2

Whitewright over Hico 35-0

Celina over Cooper 41-14

Region 3

Mart over Lone Oak 13-7 (OT)

Corrigan-Camden over Troup

Region 4

Refugio over Jarrell 40-0

Rogers over Three Rivers


Division 1

Sonora over Pilot Point 34-6

Blanco over Arp 20-14

Division 2

Stanton over Albany 25-7

Celina over Whitewright 31-14

Mart over Corrigan-Camden 20-6

Refugio over Rogers 24-14

Division 1 State Championship

Sonora Broncos (15-0) over the Blanco Panthers (10-5) 27-24

Division 2 Semifinals

Celina over Stanton 59-7

Mart over Refugio 21-20

Division 2 State Championship

Celina Bobcats (16-0) over the Mart Panthers (15-1) 21-17

Playoff Picks

2000 playoff picks

First Round: 41-7 overall, 29-3 Div II, 12-4 Div I.


Division 1:

Sonora over Idalou 24-19

Olney over Friona 32-21

Pilot Point over Comanche 22-13

Farmersville over Godley 35-14

Arp over Elysian Fields 13-10 (I will be at this game)

San Augustine over Centerville 23-16

Blanco over Brookshire-Royal 21-7

Poth over Karnes City 32-12

Division 2:

Region 1:

Stanton over Ozona 31-14

Hamlin over Spearman 35-32

New Deal over Eldorado 17-7

Canadian over Albany 27-20

Region 2:

Hico over Henrietta 14-8

Whitewright over Grandview 35-13

Celina over Goldthwaite 35-7 (I will be at this game)

Cooper over Rio Vista 35-7

Region 3:

Lone Oak over Omaha/Naples Paul Pewitt 32-17 (I will be at this game)

Mart over Hemphill 42-17

Troup over New London West Rusk 29-25

Corrigan-Camden over Garrison 35-14

Region 4:

Wallis Brazos over Jarrell 24-14

Refugio over Nixon-Smiley 52-0

Rogers over Ganado 24-13

Three Rivers over Banquete 21-14

Second Round:

Div 1: 8-0

Div 2: 14-2

Third Round:

Div 1: 2-2

Div 2: 8-0

Fourth Round:

Div 1: 1-1

Div 2: 4-0

Fifth Round:

Div 1: 1-0

Div 2: 2-0

Sixth Round: Div. 2: 1-0

Totals: 82-12 (87.2%)

Div 1: 24-7 (77.4%)

Div 2: 58-5 (92.1%)


Playoff Notes

The first week of the post-season has had a few surprises, most notably the early departure of Bangs from the region II bracket. Hico shut down the attack of TB Toby Conner and pitched a shutout win over the 9-1 Dragons.

Mart stormed into the playoffs after two consecutive so-so games with a 59-0 win over New Waverly, one of the top twenty teams in the state. They will play Hemphill, which boasts three all-state defensemen, and RB Leon Maxie, Friday in Conroe.

Celina rolled to a 38-0 win over Boyd on the backs of Adam Herrin and back-up RB Josh Sharrock, who ran for 170 yards and two touchdowns. His first was on the first play from scrimmage, a 74-yard juant down the field. The Bobcats led 14-0 after three minutes, and the defense held the rest of the way, for their sixth shutout.

Ganado recorded it's sixth consecutive shutout and seventh overall with a 7-0 victory over East Bernard in Region IV. Ganado was without leading RB/LB Mathew Bures, who injured his ankle, and the Brahmas were without QB Adam Black.

Rogers won a shootout with unbeaten Comfort 48-30, taking advantage of a weaker defense, and an offense that couldn't keep up. They advance to play Ganado's defense in the second round.

Olney showed why it could challenge for the Division I title as it ran past 9-1 Holliday 28-7. But it won't get easier, as the cubs must face Friona, Sonora or Idalou, Pilot Point, Comanche or Farmersville and then EF or Arp or Poth in the Finals.

Without Bangs, the winner of the top half of the Region 2 bracket will likely be Whitewright or Hico. One of those two lucky teams will get to play Celina in the quarterfinals. Celina, however, must first face Goldthwaite and Cooper, two good teams that can be dangerous, and would love to knock the Bobcats out of the state picture. It probably won't happen, but it would be big news. It is unclear who the Region I winner will be, but likely it will come down to Stanton, Spearman, Canadian and Hamlin.