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 Team Previews 2000


No offense to Dave Campbell, but if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. But I do have to thank him for some of the scouting information.

1. Celina Bobcats-5-8 offensive/defensive starters, 20 lettermen, return from 16-0 Divsion II State Champion. The Bobcats boast six returning All-State or All-Area defensive players. The Offense is led by All-Area QB Herrin, a senior, who threw for 1,800 yards and ran for 600 last year, and has two state rings already. Two 1,000-capable rushers line up behind him, RB's Harvey and Wyatt, one all-district and the other a senior. Add All-Area WR Martin and All-district Stuart Tudor, and you've got a powerful offense. All-State Center BRian Thomas anchors the line, and All-State Kicker May the special teams. All-state linebackers Evans and Basham(310 total tackles),all-area CB's Tudor and May, all-area FS Herrin take the secondary,which is best in state, along with linebackers. Team has more potential than perhaps any other in history, and looks to increase their winning streak to 41 games. A third consecutive title waits.

2. Mart Panthers-6-7, 18 lettermen, return from 15-0 Division 1 state Champions. Last year's team scored 789 points; this year, experience will take them far no matter how much they score (which is a lot). All-state QB Quan Cosby had 3,000 total yards and 54 TD's, and twin brother Quincy takes full RB responsibilities now that Garrett is gone. RB Hurth, WR Sharp and FB Rhodes would love to add some bite. The lines are a little younger but larger, with DT Blasingame and a supporting cast that boasts two 300-pounders. Quan will again handle special teams, but Mart's not as deep in the secondary or linebackers as Celina. This team might be better than last year's, but only a face-to-face matchup with the Bobcats in state will prove if either team deserves to be called "the best in history," which one or both probably should. It'll be a great year.

3. Corrigan-Camden Bulldogs-5-5, 10 lettermen, return from 10-2 Area Finalists in 3A. Back after a productive stretch in 3A, the 1988 champions could compete for a crown in either division, depending on whether Trinity makes the playoffs. Qb Foreman (6-3, 200) and RB Lacy, anchored by a good supporting cast, will take the Bulldogs far, barring any more injuries. If they stay healthy, they're contenders.

4. Refugio Bobcats-6-7, 15 lettermen, return from 13-2 Division 2 State semifinalists. LB McKinney(207 tackles) and RB Boyd, an all-around star, took second team all-state honors, and hope to take the Bobcats one game further, after last year's 14-13 loss to Elysian Fields. Not since 1987 have the 'Cats reached the title game, falling then to Lorena, 8-7. The class of Region 4, must face an able Region 3 challenger, albeit a beaten and bruised one. A definate state contender behind sizeable lines.

5. Gunter Tigers-7-7, 15 lettermen, return from 12-2 Division 2 Quarterfinalists. Only two losses seperated Gunter from a perfect 15-0 record and a trip to Texas Stadium, and both came to Celina. RB Pecina has 5,000 career yards and leads the returning players in rushing yardage. He's back for his senior year. Add size in the lines, and the only question is QB Earnhart, but there's always Russell to back him up. The defense is solid with Johnson, DE Grimes, LB Harris, DB Russell, and DL Bowen (6-2, 265, 5.5). Although the two teams wouldn't meet until the quarterfinals, Gunter will be waiting. They want that game.

6. Lone Oak Buffaloes-7-8, 21 lettermen, return from 9-2 Division 2 playoff team. All-state RB Justin Miller returns along with seven other all-district players. Compplaints about the line seem a little unnecessary, with OL's Lynch, Williams and Slaughter, all at least 6-0 and 275. Miller and QB Anderson (1,709 yards and 21 TD's) operate behind that line, along with WR-DB Mann with 25 receptions for 415 yards, and four interceptions. Defense has LB's Payne, Cook and Gipson, with DE BcGee behind. E-mail me at for the complete line-up and specs. This team can and will compete in Region 3, and even though they are underrated, they have the tools to surprise. Miller says sights are high, and the scores should be even higher.

7. Elysian Fields Yellowjackets-704, 29 lettermen, return from 14-2 Division 2, State Finalist. For the second consecutive year, the Yellowjackets staged a great playoff run, only to be beaten down by Celina in state. Good news for fans: With a gauranteed ticket to Division 1, this may be their year. Olney, Dekalb, Blanco, Boyd, Holliday, West Texas and Brookshire-Royal, and maybe even Corrigan-Camden and Mart, are the Div. 1 competition. RB Manning, QB Tiller, and a great supporting O-D cast will take the Jackets far. Tiller is optimistic, and if he can find some good targets, the town should be, because they could go all the way. They deserve it.

8. Omaha/Naples Paul Pewitt-4-5, return from 12-1 Division 1 State Quarterfinalist. Last year's high expectations ended with Boyd's 19-6 victory. Then the Brahmas moved to Region 3, and likely Division 2. They should find the competition a little stiffer, what with Mart, Lone Oak, Alto, Garrison, Hemphill, East Chambers, and Grand Saline, but with QB Munn lining up behind NG Stanley, and a slew of young talent coached by Bickham, and the Brahmas have what it takes to win Region 3 and compete for state, which says a lot in loaded East Texas.

9. Alto Yellowjackets-5-5, 12 lettermen, return from 12-2 Division 2 state quarterfinalists. After 109 victories in the 1990's (second to Celina's 110), Alto begins another decade looking for the only thing that eluded them in the last: A state title. Elysian Fields 17-7 payback win for Alto's 1997 41-6 win ended their season. RB's Jackson (1,976 yards) Tyler (1,600) and Hackney lead one of the best ground games in the state. On defense, Clater and Hogg combined for 12 interceptions, and lead a great secondary, and LB's Arrington and Thacker shore up the ground. Another of several viable Region 3 state contenders.

10. Ganado Indians-6-6, 16 lettermen, return from 8-5 Division 2 Regional Finalists. The Indians remain in my top 20 for the third consecutive year, and this could be their best year yet. FB Bures does it all, with 1,400 yards rushing and 143 tackles AND 3 interceptions. WR-DB Neumann returns once again to the secondary, and the Indians finally have some returnees to use. The leading quarterfinalist in Region 4 vs. Refugio.

11. Sonora Broncos-7-7, 24 lettermen, return from 13-1 division 2 State Quarterfinalists. A likely match-up in the semis was in the works until Stratford stopped the air and ground game in a snow-laden contest 29-0. QB Willliams (1,500 yds.) RB Jacoby (2,089) RB Renfro (1,500) and WR Elliot lead a explosively powerful offense that returns lots of skill at skill positions. The defense is set and both lines are veteran, so expect to see the Broncos in the Semifinals this time around.

12. Olney Cubs-8-7, 17 lettermen, return from 10-2 Division 2 Area Finalists. A move into Region 1 and Division 1 make third-year QB Hinson and co. suddenly state title contenders. FB Dockins and WR Patt add 4.5-4.6 speed and 1,700 total yeards, with Hinson listed at 5-8, 161, 4.5 with 2,000 total yards. Hinson is a playmaker, and with the experienced lines he has room to make them. The class of Region 1 if Sonora doesn't move up, and the cubs seem to have a title game berth in the works. Holliday, Colorado City and Stinnett West Texas provide the competition.

13. Garrison Bulldogs-7-6, 11 lettermen, return from 12-1 Division 2 Regional Finalist. No longer a surpirse, the Bulldogs are back with QB Kelley (2,004 yards, 31 TD's), who stands 6-3 and runs 4.8. Behind a line that averages 250, he must find a new RB(Chad Rushing) and throw to WR's Jenkins and Smith. The defense is strong, and if the returns as well, East Texas has another title contender in Division 2.

14. Farmersville Fighting Farmers-7-9, 15 lettermen, return from 7-4 Division 1 playoff team. QB Howard gets one more year to fulfill expectations. If Nevada Community makes the playoffs, the Farmers go to Division 2, where they would face Celina or Gunter. If NC doesn't make the post-season, then the Farmers will be the Division 1 regional favorites. With five All-district players and a veteran line, RB Simpkins and WR Redwine performing, the Farmers could see the semis or even the finals in D-1. Boyd, Pilot Point and Howe will challenge.

15. Rogers Eagles-7-7, 17 lettermen, return from 7-5 Division 2 Area Finalists. QB Harris, as I expected, was strong, with 2,500 total yards. Even I was impressed with how much they improved. RB Smith (1,013 yards) leads the ground attack but the lines, secondary and recieving corps must solidify if the eagles are to contend in loaded Region 3 in Division 2, which they should play in.

16. Stanton Buffaloes-4-4, 13 lettermen, return from 11-1 Div.2 Area Finalists. RB Hull was an all-around star with 1,856 yards, 129 tackles, 3 int. and 3 fumble recoveries. After going 11-1 with only 1-1 starters last year, all the Buffs need is a deeper line and a more balanced offense, and they should contend for the Regional crown, which they can win if Sonora moves up.

17. Bangs Dragons-8-8, 17 lettermen, return from 5-5 team. Lots of young talent will make next year a good one, but for now, they have the stuff to win district against Winters. TB Conner had 1,200 yards, and playing behind Ross and Stephens with a talented offensive core, this team will be good, and better next year. Third round a possibility, with a meeting against Gunter in the works. Watch in 2001.

18. Mason Cowpunchers-5-5, 22 lettermen, return from 12-2 Div. 2 Quarterfinalists. The Punchers should have an easier time in Region 1, playing behind Sonora. But they have some weapons of their own. QB Lehmberg and RB Worden lead the offense, while Langehennig keys the defense with 101 tackles. Could make district interesting. Another Quarterfinalist candidate if Sonora moves up.

19. Hemphill Hornets-8-7, 20 lettermen, return from 9-2 Div. 2 Playoff team. The defense and both lines ar e outstanding, with C Wilkerson (6-5, 275, 5.0), OL Singleton (6-4, 310, 5.3) and FB-LB French (5-11, 200, 4.6). Wilkerson and DL Davis were first team all-state, and French was a second-teamer. If QB Holmes can fire up the offense, those 14-7 and 13-7 losses at EF and Alto turn into wins. Garrison in district play.

20. Cooper Bulldogs-7-6, 20 lettermen, return from 10-2 Div. 2 Area Finalists. A very good, balanced O-D, which can put up points and keep others from doing it (note the 13-7 loss at Pewitt). Definately will compete with Farmersville for district, but must find a new RB and QB. Everything else is set. The defense allowed 110 yards a game, and if they do that again, Cooper is back in the second round.

21. Blanco Panthers-7-7, 15 lettermen, return from 11-1 Div. 2 Area Finalists. RB Granberg and 12 overall all-district players return, and should put up some big numbers every game, with the lone scheduled challenge against Comfort in District. The only thiing that keeps them from being ranked higher is they haven't yet beaten a great team yet, and they have to be able to play against the big boys like Refugio and Ganado and East Bernard. District should be interesting with Comfort. Too much talent to name, so should be no more 37-0 Refugio losses. But then, they won't play Refugio this year. The Div. 1 Regional Favorite and semifinalist.

22. East Bernard Brahmas-7-4, 14 lettermen, return from 8-4 Division 2 Area Finalists. Consistently good, and this year they're finally in an easier district. QB Black and TB Blunston lead an average offense, and the great defense must rebuild a little, but can win district vs. Royal and Schulenburg, and star in the post-season. I smell 12-1 or 11-2.

23. Winters Blizzards-7-7, 15 lettermen, return from 9-3 Div. 1 Area Finalists. QB Minzenmeyer is a top prospect (6-7, 200, 4.8) with 1,515 yards and 12 TD's, but also had 9 interceptions, so he needs to work on his control. With four good recievers in Pritchard, Parramore, Hope and Yanez, the Blizzards should be an air fixture. Battle with Bangs should be fun, but the secondary, linebackers and a thin line will hurt. Need a ground game. Should be a fun team to watch in the early rounds of the playoffs.

24. Winnie East Chambers Buccaneers-5-5, return from 8-4 Div. 1 Area Finalist. QB Jones, who led the class in passing yards with 2,505, has RB Thibodeaux (1,600 yards) give the ball too, and has able position players everywhere. Add a great K/P in Franklin and this team is set to compete, possibly at the Div. 2 level.

25. Boyd Yellowjackets-1-4, 10 lettermen, return from 14-1 Div. 1 State Finalist. Only TE Mayhew returns on offense, and fellow all-district stars Huff and Harmon come back to key the defense, which still has some speed and strength, despite a loss of depth. Harmon takes over at QB and Huff will be the new RB. No longer a top team, but still a good one, one that could surprise in Region 2, Div. 1.

26. Holliday Fighting Eagles-2-5, 16 lettermen, return from 5-6 Div. 1 playoff team. Nearly beat Boyd last year, but this year, must rebuild for the second straight year. RB's Davis and Ledford lead the offensive charge. The defense has talent, but the offense must replace several skill players if the eagles are to win district and be very competitive in Region 1.

27. Thorndale Bulldogs-7-7, 23 lettermen, return from 7-4 Div. 2 Playoff team. A strong and fast line led by Bernstien, Gruver, Sandoval and Young give QB Widner lots of room to move around in the backfield.. RB Travis and a group of young offensive talent give Widner some targets,and this team has got what it takes to be competitive in Region 3.

28. Goldthwaite Eagles-5-7, 8 lettermen, return from 9-2 Div. 2 playoff team. QB Proffitt returns healthy, a key for the team. FB Jackson returns behind a strong line, but the weaknesses are a lack of recievers and RB's, and the DL. Goldthwaite will likely face Celina in the second round of the playoffs , something Proffitt says he looks forward to. But the Eagles' playoff run should end there.

29. Italy Gladiators-4-4, 15 lettermen, return from 9-4 Div. 2 Regional Finalists. RB Babers, TE Major and new RB weaver are the new offense for Coach Snmithey. The lines seem smaller but faster, and deep, and plenty of offensive reserves remain. Still the best team in Region 2 south of Dallas. Should face Celina in the third round, however, a team much improved since these two last met in 1998. Italy does lead the series 2-1.

30. Comfort Bobcats-3-7, 7 lettermen, return from 13-1 Division 1 Semifinalists. RB-DB Pressler (1,100 yds.) is the new go-to guy, and is also a stalwart on defense with 7 interceptions. If Pressler and RB Perkins score enough, the veteran defense will take them far. Defense is what they need to compete with Blanco, but will it be enough? Could go a couple of rounds in the post-season.

31. DeKalb Bears-6-8,14 lettermen, return from 5-5 team in 3A. RB-All purpose Ganaway, FB Shavers, and lots of 3A experience make the Bears a competitive team in Div. 1. Meets Elysian Fields in the first round.

32. Kerens Bobcats-6-6, 14 lettermen, return from 9-3 Div. 2 Area Finalists. After nearly beating EF in the second round last year, the Bobcats lose Terrell Harris (2,900 yds.) but still have a great defense and lines, with 8 all-district returnees. Whoever takes over on offense will have plenty of room to make plays. If offense arrives, they will do well, but they must face Lone Oak in the first round.

33. New Waverly Bulldogs-7-6, 16, return from 10-2 Div. 2 Area Finalists. QB DAnelson returns with seven starters from an offense that averaged 31 points a game (381 yards). A good playoff worthy team but likely won't get past the first round in Region 3.

34. Hamlin Pied Pipers-7-7, 13 lettermen, return from 8-4 Div. 2 Area Finalists. The offense is ready with RB White, a run-em-over back for 4.7 speed. The defense is small but strong, and if QB Powell takes off, the team will be a surprise force in Region 1. Third-round is very possible. A solid team that has been good for three years, but this year's expectations are much higher.

35. Schulenburg Shorthorns-7-8, 14 lettermen, return from 1-9 team. The Shorthorns fell to 0-7 after the coach dismissed several players after week three. That forfeit symbolized the year, but the 'horns are back with experience and weapons. QB Rosas plays behind a solid line led by Miller, and he has five WR candidates, which tell you about the air ball they will play. Its hard to say how far they will go, but they should be back in the post-season once again.

36. Hull-Daisetta Bobcats-8-5,18, return from 8-3 Division II playoff team. They should be rockin on offense with RB walker and lots of experience but the kicker is the defense, which is always pretty good. But they will likely take second in the district, and that means they get to play garrison in the first round, a team that beat them 53-6 in last years post-season play.

37. Spearman Lynx-4-5 return from 8-5 Division II regional finalist. The lynx, a year removed from their 13-1 season have high hopes in a weaker region I. RB Brock has talent on both sides of the ball, and the defense is lead by DL Vanderburg. Could see the third round with a 12-1 or 11-2 record but defense must be strong in offense oriented region.

38. Brookshire-Royal Falcons-2-5,16, return from Division I Quarterfinalists. Very unimpressive postseason with a 29-28 win over 4-7 bloomington and a 55-0 pasting by comfort. Royal is not the team it was two years ago, but QB Carton and RB Flores should keep the team respectable. Could be first or third in district, but for now ill take second with a first or second round exit, third at the most.

39. Howe Bulldogs-3-7-22 return from 6-5 division I playoff team. The 'dogs look to get back on track with a great defense (110 ppg) and if the offense blossems under TE Evans, The bulldogs wiill surprise in either division. Also should be fun to watch game vs. Gunter.

40. Friona Chiefs-3-4, 16 return from 10-2 3-A division II area finalist. A productive stretch in 3A gives an advantage to Friona, but an offense has to form or lockney (#45) will take district. An offensive line and goal secondary return.

41. Stinnett West Texas-3-2, 16, return from 3-7 team. Better than the record indicates, the Comanches have six sophomores back with starting time, and QB Dawson,RB's Childress, Manasco and Kindy, and WR's Orr Monden and TE Snider star for the offense.Snider is the catalyst, and if a solid line can be formed, the Comanches will be big surprises.

42. Pilot Point Bearcats-4-3, 15 return from 9-3 Div. 1 Area Finalist. RB Jackson (1,002 yds.) is the lone star on this traditional powerhouse. There is lots of young talent, but the loss of lontime Coach Jerry Jones leaves a huge question mark. Locals say optimism is high, but such a strong blow could be a first sign of a weakening dynasty. This year is crucial to the program. Hard to make a prediction, but i'll say a second-round team.

43. Big Sandy Wildcats-5-6, 19, return from 11-2 Div. 2 Regional Finalist. Three RB's Austin, Hanson and Harper (991 yds.) provide the ground game, and the defense is solid, but the offensive line and QB must be found. A perennial playoff team, which shows no sign of ending that rep. A first-rounder.

44. Grand Saline Indians-5-3, 16, return from 12-1 Div. 2 Regional Finalist. After last year's 42-0 blowout by Celina, GS reloads with WR Neal, FB Thompson, TE Clifford, and QB Scott. Lost to much to be a contender, but can still make district interesting. However, has no chance in the post-season.

45. Lockney Longhorns-7-8, 23, return from 7-4 Div. 1 Playoff Team. Team is set, but loss of Lambert leaves question at QB. Graves gets his chance at RB. TB Collins (5-10, 185, 4.6) and TE Bybee are the catalysts on offense. Could win District, and possibly see the second round

46. Quanah Indians-6-6, 12, return from 9-2 Div. 1 Playoff team. No more Canadian! FB Sanchez is the new power back (5-7, 145, 4.5), taking over for departed Marcus Jalomo. Very fast team with good, balanced O-D, and is a possible second or third rounder.

47. Troup Tigers-9-11, 17 return from 7-4 Div. 2 playoff team. Tons of experience and WR Dial, RB Davis and QB Lydia return. The entire defense is back, giving fans reason to be optimistic. However, they play in Region 3 Division 2, so even the second round will be tough. It's hard to overlook 20 returning starters, though.

48. El Maton Tidehaven Tigers-5-5, 12, return from 8-2 team. Beat Brookshire-Royal 24-7 and still didn't make the playoffs in 27-2A. They could have could have gone three or four rounds in either Division, but not anymore. They now are in an easier district, and should have no problem reaching the playoffs, with a great defense led by all-state LB Mielsch and Foster. The defense allowed only 95 points, but the offense needs a playmaker if the Tigers are to live up to potential in the post-season. Could be a third-rounder, if they survive the first against 27-2A.

49. Albany Lions-9-7, 17 return from 6-5 Div. 2 playoff team. RB Tidwell tries to lead the Lions back to their 1998 form, when they went 12-1 and lost to Stanton in the third round. RB Alcarez provides good backup yardage, and QB Smith is able. The defense is average, but the complete package gives the Lions a quality, possible second round team.

50. Canadian Wildcats-3-3, 13, return from two-time 12-2 Div. 1 Semifinalists. TE Culver is an all-state LB (178 Tackles). QB Bartlett takes over for Maupin, and everything else must rebuild. It will be tough, but they are a proven team, and can make the playoffs, though they likely won't go far.

51. San Augustine Wolves-9-8, 24, return from 7-4 Div. 1 playoff team. QB Barnes leads a veteran, powerful offense that has speed, and runs behind a large, deep line. Overall depth leaves the Wolves just one step ahead of Timpson, who will be their rival once again in district for third place. A likely second round team.

52. Timpson Bears-6-6, 12, return from 7-3 team. The Bears have 20 seniors, and will need them to beat San Augustine, who could send Timpson home for the year once again with a 7-3 record. QB Perkins (6-4, 185, 4.8) and a deep offense and defense try to exact revenge on the Wolves. A possible second round team if they make the playoffs.

53. Dilley Wolves-5-4, 9, return from 8-2 Div. 1 playoff team. QB Lumbreras (2,044 yards, 18 TD's) has the power and OL to see the second round and maybe the third. Always has trouble with Poth, though.

54. Rio Vista Eagles-5-7, return from 7-5 Div. 1 Area Finalist. RB Doty and TE Cobb were both all-state, and along with a good defense, have the skill to compete well with Region 2. A likely second round team and the third round is not unthinkable.

55. Electra Tigers-5-5, 9, return from 4-6 team. QB Anzaldua returns once again and FB's Goodwin and Boswell lead the ground attack. The line is small but quick, and the defense has some playmakers. Looks like 9-3 or 10-2 with a second round trip, but first must play Hamlin, Albany or Stamford.

56. Malakoff Tigers-8-4, 15, return from 7-5 Div. 1 Area Finalist. RB Hart (1,700 yards, 21 TD's) leads a veteran offense, and the defense has some nice returnees, but several good players were lost. If the offense is productive, then the tigers will challenge for a playoff spot.

57. Colorado City Wolves-7-7, 13, return from 1-9 3A team. Qb Phariss (1,573 yards) has two good recievers in Speer and Leonos. But the QB must throw less interceptions (21) or the record will not improve by much. Leonos leads the ground attack, and LB Anderson keys the defense. If Phariss improves his control, and the OL-DL are found, then the Wolves could surprise in Region 1.

58. Archer City Wildcats-6-5, 10, return from 6-4 team. Wuthrich is gone, but the offensive line averages 220 pounds and RB Getts and TE Rowe (6-3, 245) look to make up his absence. Archer City has been down since 1994, but if they can beat Electra for the third seed, they can take one step back to the top. Being in one of the toughest districts in the state doesn't help, either. The defense is slightly above average, but the team that beat Holliday 13-7 in OT last year could be one the surprises in Region 1. A possible second rounder if they make the playoffs.

59. Whitewright Tigers-7-7, 15, return from 8-3 Div. 2 playoff team. The senior-dominated line is the key, with RB Brown and an average offense hoping to take advantage. The defense is also strong, so the Tigers should see the post-season, although 8-3 is the best they can probably shoot for.

60. New Diana Eagles-5-7, 15, return from 7-4 Div. 1 playoff team. RB Crow (1,253 yards, 12 TD's) runs behind L Davis (both all-state selections) to lead a solid offense. The defense is weaker, but there are plenty of offensive reserves. In a district where six teams have viable playoff dreams, Crow will have to produce and the veteran defense must tighten up. A first round exit is likely.

61. Nixon-Smiley Mustangs-9-9, 15, return from 6-4 team. FB DeLeon (5-11, 170, 4.5) stepped off for 1,275 yards, and on defense Patteson had 130 tackles. OL is small and thin, the highlight being Boatright (5-11, 250). The defense is strong and experienced, and this team has what it takes to win district with a 9-1 or 10-0 record. Should play a great game with Dilley in the first round (D-1) but the third round might be stretching it.

62. Seagraves Eagles-3-4, 8, return from 9-3 Div. 2 Area Finalists. TB Fisher (6.0, 190, 4.6) had 1,205 yards last year, but graduation has depleted the team for the second straight year. Plains has a chance to beat them for the final playoff seed, but this team has history on its side. Can still make the second round.

63. Trinity Tigers-3-2, return from 4-7 playoff team in 3A. QB Goodall (6-4, 200, 4.5) is a top prospect, and passed for 1,415 yards. He gets his favorite WR back in Hamilton. The rest of the team is green, but talent is there, and it will take it all to compete with New Waverly, Groveton and Grapeland for the final two playoff seeds behind Corrigan-Camden. If they make the playoffs, C-C will go into an already loaded Region 3. If they make the playoffs, they can see the second round if Mart stays down.

64. Lexington Eagles-3-3, 9, return from 10-1 Div. 1 playoff team. No longer in the same region as Mart, but still must beat a good Moody team to make the playoffs behind Rogers and Thorndale. QB Roberson must find a target, and LB Kana (89 tackles) must lead the defenseif they eagles are to make the post-season, where they would face Blanco in the first round.

65. Poth Pirates-5-5, 11, return from 8-5 Div. 2 Regional Finalists. RB Weed (944 yards) and QB Kotzur (827 pass, 359 rush, 12 TD's) spark and able offense, but lack of line depth and uncertain defense are the question marks. Still, a playoff team in 30-2A, and a possible upset of Dilley would be interesting. Safely in Div. 2, plays a weak 29-2A opponent in the first round, and could see the third once again.

66. Post Antelopes-4-6, 11, return from 9-3 Div. Area Finalists. LB Baker (98 tackles, 716 yards rushing) hs 4.8 speed and weighs only 185, but can still take a few hits and should reach a 1,000 yards. The defense is good, and S Huff, a young talent, takes over at QB as a junior, and provides talent in the secondary. Consistent team that should win district and maybe see the second or third rounds in Div. 1.

67. Clifton Cubs- 5-6, 13, return from 4-6 team in 3A. Strong defense with LB Rodriguez and others, and the offense is led by QB Henderson and young RB Rodriguez. I like them for the second seed in 16-2A behind Italy and ahead of Crawford and Hubbard. They could possibly see the third round in Div. 1.

68. Coleman Bluecats-4-3, 15, return from 7-3 team. Coach Grissom is gone, and combined with less experience, this team will likely fight for the third seed in 9-2A with Cisco. QB Todd and TE Murphy (6-4, 240, 4.8), along with RB Robinson (750 yards) key the offense, and the special teams are strong with Jones. A first or second round exit.

69. Stamford Bulldogs-7-7, 14, return from 4-6 team. A new coach and lots of experience make this team a true darkhorse. If they make the playoffs, I can see a surprise coming. I like the feel of this team, and if the running corps and new QB can produce, this team will go far.

70. Riesel Indians-9-6, 14, return from 5-5 team. QB Petrich leads a potent offense with lots of skill returnees. The defense returns playmakers in the secondary, but the DL will have to be stronger to try to contain district rival Mart's prolific ground game. Team has what it takes to be competitive in Region 2.

71. Grandview Zebras-10-9, 16, return from 5-6 Div. 1 playoff team. QB Odell had a 1,000 yards rushing, and Harvey rushed for 953. The defense also has talent and experience, and Grandview looks very strong. With the Zebras once again in Div. 2, they could go one to three rounds.

72. Van Alstyne Panthers-5-6, 13, return from 7-4 Div. 2 playoff team. The Panthers lose some great players, but QB Nicholl and WR Zaher provide some firepower. Defense, normally a strong point, couldn't contain Celina for very long in a 49-0 first round exit. It does return two all-district players in Campbell and Welch though will it be enough to make the playoffs? Three in a row might be it. Certainly wouldn't make it far with Cooper to face in the first round.

73. Karnes City-6-8, 20, return from 7-5 Division 1 Regional Finalists. NG Witte (107) is a star, and RB Foley provides 1,010 yards. Other All-D players include Alvarez, Salinas, and Butler. Not one of the best, but certainly a good team, and a second round team in D-1.

74. New Deal Lions-5-4, 17, return from 8-3 Div. 2 playoff team. RB Williams (1,649 yards) is also a near flawless all-state kicker and punter, and the line has size, but lack of depth is a concern. They need a QB candidate, and a stronger secondary. They look like the third seed in district, and a first or second round team at the most.

75. Groveton Indians-6-6, return from 4-7 Div. 1 playoff team. Driskell found a way to get back into the post-season, now just needs to extend the stay. FB-LB Arbuckle is a star on both sides of the ball, but the ground game is mostly run by McQueen, Crow and QB Fry. A possible second-round team if Mart stays in Division 1.

76. Grapeland

77. Seymour

78. Boling

79. Rosebud-Lott

80. Jewett Leon

81. New London West Rusk

82. Freer

83. Flatonia

84. Millsap

85. Paradise

86. DeLeon

87. Crawford

88. Sundown

89. Gilmer Harmony

90. Moody

91. Scurry-Rosser

92. Big Lake Reagan County

93. Banquete

94. Hughes Springs

95. Valley View

96. Comanche

97. Skidmore-Tynan

98. Nevada Community

99. Hamilton

100. Como-Pickton